Burlington Home Show Challenging Installation

Here's an interesting custom shutter install we recently undertook in Burlington Ontario.

Several different companies were approached by the home owners of this lovely bungalow house in Burlington. We met the home owners who stopped by at the Burlington Home Show to discuss their project with shutter experts. We chatted together over coffee at our booth for quite some time.

Their home improvement situation was unique in several ways. The biggest hurdle was to install the shutters inside the casings of two adjacent windows. To further complicate the window covering installation, as the wood casing was significantly flexed, it became challenging to find a solution that would keep the window shutters both square and level inside their frames.

Warped Wood Frame and Trim Pose Unusual Challenge

There was another catch too, the trim work on the windows were of different heights so the window on the left would have appeared higher than the other. These conditions are not meant to be handled like a standard install. I could understand how most shutter retailers would Not have the experience to tackle this one.

We don't profess to know everything there is to know in the industry in spite of being in the business for over twenty five years. Perhaps it was luck that the home owner was an experienced kitchen cabinet maker (40+ years). Between his carpentry ingenuity and Shutter Outlet we came up with a Great Solution . We basically had to gently tear off the trim pieces, cut them to the correct sizes and re-install it seamlessly as a new trim casing job. The result was spectacular, the shutters fit in perfectly. Judge for yourself. So happy they found us at the Burlington Home Show.
window frames twisted and not level
wood frames were twisted and not square nor level

more pictures of this difficult Burlington Ontario install

Burlington shutter job
a challenging home improvement job in Burlington

shutter project in Burlington
well installed shutters in tough Burlington project

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