Custom Window Blinds Newmarket Ontario Restaurant

restaurant shutters design and installation
Newmarket restaurant window blinds installation
We recently performed a custom window covering project for a Newmarket Ontario restaurant. Owner of the restaurant was presented with a common problem from its loyal customers. The clientele complained that there was too much glare from the sun during the day time and in the evening not enough privacy and intimacy. Shutter Outlet came up with a Great Solution to satisfy both needs - SUNSCREEN Rolller Blinds.
roller blinds solve both issues with sun glare and evening privacy at Newmarket restaurant
Roller blinds - great for sun glare and UV protection in the daytime and in the evening enough privacy to set the mood for a beautiful dinner. 

A Custom Roller Window Blinds Installation at popular Newmarket Ontario restaurant

Another interior design challenge successfully solved by the Shutter Outlet team, local window coverings experts.
an interior design window blinds challenge in Newmarket Ontario
Newmarket interior design challenge

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